Colour: Brown, Black spotted tabby

Eyes: Green

Type: F7 sbt Savannah

Chase is  our King. He is very gentel and sweat.


We will be entering him in a few Tica shows in the hopes to champion 


Colour : Cool Brown, Black spotted tabby Eyes : Green

Type : F3 C3S Savannah 

Storm is a big, affectionate and playful guy. If you feed him, he will love you forever! He's the ruler of the household and is very chatty.

His markings and spots are what makes him beautiful. He's the largest and most muscular cat in the house. 


Colour : Black Smoke

Eyes : Green

Type : F3 C3S Savannah

Our Queen Opale is elegant and shy but loves to cuddle. She is a rare high-generation melanistic savannah. Her coat is like velvet and her black spots appear in the sunlight. She is our reproductive cat and the Queen of the house.

She shares many characteristics with her great-grandfather, the serval. She is a tall, skinny and muscular cat with a long neck, big ears and a

triangular-shaped head. 

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