About Us

We are a family-based cattery and our cats all live with us in the same house.   

A few years back, we decided that cats would be the best pets for us.

We considered many breeds and decided that the Savannah cat was the best fit for our family.

The three brothers wanted a large, energetic cat and were particularly attracted to the Savannah for its beauty and its special

dog-like character.

We first adopted Foxy, an F6 Savannah

who competed in cat shows.

We then moved on to adopting Storm, a higher generation Savannah.

Since he is a hybrid, he is larger and has a wild nature, which we enjoy.

This left us wishing to breed these beautiful hybrid felines, so we adopted Opale. 

Her babies will be F4 SBT, the highest generation Savannahs that are allowed to participate in cat shows.

We are hoping to produce very high quality Savannah cats, with the beautiful characteristics of servals, that could become champions.

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